This strong and stable bed with a castle-like appearance was my final project in The Arts and Crafts School. Its static and balanced look was designed to promote, safe and relaxed, good night sleep. The project also studied the possibility of placing the bed in the middle of the room. This gives the room a totally different feel and look, and the bed becomes an altar of a sort.

To further increase the importance of a good sleep, I removed the backrest as well as all possible storage areas for books and papers. This was to keep work and exciting stories out of the bed. A well planned and crafted structure, makes the bed silent and steady. Its measurements and structure supports the use of a futon mattress, another good source of a good night’s sleep. Measurements: 2200 x 1600 x 400 (mattress 2000×1400)

Materials: Oak & Birch
Year: 2005

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